Simple MVC application

In this article, you will learn to create your first MVC application step by step. To create a new MVC application you need to have Visual Studio installed on your machine. Following is the link which you can follow to install Visual Studio on your machine.

Download Visual Studio

MVC Application

Once you have installed the proper version of visual studio, you can follow the process described below.

First of all open Visual Studio in the web Environment, once the visual studio has opened you will see the New Project link in left on the Start page. Alternatively, to create a new project you can go to the File-> menu and then click on New Project.

Once you will click on this link, visual studio will pop up a window like below. On this window, in the left pane click on Templates section and expand it. Here you will see different types of projects which you can create using Visual Studio. To create the MVC project Expand Visual C# section and then select Web. At the bottom of this popup enter the name of your project and choose the location where you want to save this project and press OK.

Once you will hit OK button, visual studio will popup a new dialog box New ASP.NET Project dialog box for you. Here you need to select the template, select MVC as your template as shown below.

If you wish to change the Authentication press on Change Authentication button and select the appropriate authentication type for your project. In this article, to keep the things simple we will choose No Authentication as shown below, and press OK. (at the moment you need not worry about them, in our later articles we will discuss other available authentication types in a great detail)

Once you hit OK button, wait for few moments as visual studio takes some time to load the templates for your project. After some time the visual studio will start displaying different folders and files in your project as shown below. Now press F5 to start the project in DEBUG mode. If you don't wish to debug simple press Ctrl+F5.

After pressing F5 or Ctrl+F5 visual studio will start your project and display the home in your selected web browser as displayed below.