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The following terms and conditions of TutorialsLeader.


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Warranties of contents:

However we do our best to remove (every single) or any kind of mistake while creating/writing and publishing the articles. But still we do not give you any guarantee about the accuracy of the contents of this website. There may have mistakes and errors on this website. If you have found any kind of mistake or error on this website, please share the same with us at support@tutorialsleader.com. We will love to appreciate your effort.

TutorialsLeader does not give you any kind of warranty about the examples/code and other contents which are being used in this website. The code and other contents are only for the example purpose and TutorialsLeader does not give you any warranty about their accuracy,performance, fitness etc (expressed or not) of the code.


TutorialsLeader disclaims any liability (on it or it's employees)for any potential risk or damage(direct or indirect) caused by the code/content provided on the website. It all lies on the user who is using the the contents of this website.

Fair Uses :

TutorialsLeader gives permission to the users to use it's code and contents in following conditions:

1. Non-profitable teaching purpose.
2. Using code in non-profitable blogging.
3. For any non-profitable use.

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